If I can make it here, so can you.

My name is Gladys and this is my story.  

I always wanted to be a fashion designer. As a child I used to gather material and pretend I was making dresses for important people. But when I finished secondary school, things were so tough for my family that when my friend suggested crossing to Europe to make some money, I was tempted. But I’d also heard of what many do to make it. I knew it was human trafficking and I didn’t want to be treated like a slave, so I did different jobs in Lagos until I saved enough to finally pursue my dream. I then moved to Benin where I worked as an apprentice in a fashion boutique for 3 years and after my freedom, I worked and saved until I was able to open my own shop. Today I’m a fashion designer with customers and youngsters I train. I send money home to my parents regularly, they’re so proud of me. My name is Gladys Ugberaese and I am not for sale.