I truly believe in Nigeria’s future.

My name is Latifat and this is my story.  

I was born in Ikagbegbo Edo State. Things were so tough that there was I time I thought about travelling abroad. I envied the girls making it there but when I heard the stories of many of them suffering, I decided to face my hustle instead. I did some farming and trading while managing to put myself through school. Later, I learnt catering and baking. On my graduation day, the First Lady of Edo State bought my cake for N20,000. With the money, I rented a shop where I sold chin chin and egg rolls. Gradually, my business boomed. Today, I have a much bigger shop which I plan to use as a restaurant and training workshop for young girls. My generation will carry on my business for many years to come. What if I had decided to travel instead and become an illegal immigrant? What legacy would I have left behind for my children? My name is Latifat Momoh, and I am not for sale.