Trainings and Jobs

Genius Hub

Genius Hub identifies geniuses and mentors them to become more productive with their abilities.

Edo Jobs

Edo Jobs is a state-run programme saddled with the mandate of creation of employment/engagement opportunities, matching of personnel to existing openings as well as human capacity and skills enhancement.

Amena Academy

Amena Academy offers innovative entrepreneurial catering solutions to kick start your career in the hospitality industry.

Support Services

Pathfinders International

Pathfinder International supports women through increased access to sexual and reproductive health, and contraceptive use as well as reducing maternal and child mortality and the spread of HIV infections.

African Women Empowerment Guild (AWEG)

AWEG consists of female professionals who work to increase awareness on the rights & potentials of women and youths for development and enhance their capacity to occupy visible space in governance & public life.

Girls Power Initiative

GPI is a feminist, youth development organisation. GPI’s focus is to assist young girls live healthy lives and achieve their full potentials, towards an empowered womanhood.

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